Like him or hate him, popular on-air-personality, Denrele Edun, will keep smiling to the bank each week while many will sit back to pass various judgment at his personality.

 Call his dress style madness or fashion, whatever description given to him still will not change his personality which has turned out to be his brand.

Taking a look at his closet precisely his shoes, Denerele is often seen more of high heels and once upon a time, he fell on stage while performing in Port Harcourt, but for him the show had to continue irrespective of his ordeal and recently speaking with, he disclosed that he has about 20 high heel shoes.

He admitted that while many see him dressed that way and some admire him, they tend not to know that he sometimes makes mistake in his choice of shoes for a particular outfit.


“I have quite a number of my shoes. You that they say the average woman in the US owns like 27 pairs of shoes so I have in relations to that average. I get plenty o but you know say make we no dey talk as the shoe plenty, make we just know say the right shoe dey for the right moment and the right red carpet events even sometimes I wear the wrong shoe for the right clothes,” he told

On how comfortable he is while dressed on high heels, Denerele explains that the shoe has over time turned out to be his identity and while comfortable in wearing them, it also comes with some pains too.

“I find it comfortable wearing heels because the higher the heels, the closer to heaven. High heels for me over all they have associated themselves with my identity and heels are just like an extension of my personality. I always sacrifice comfort for fashion as I am always in pains sometimes but I can always make it work,” he noted.