Promise Alex the very popular tamuna crooner who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, specifically Imo State, is a gospel musician who cannot be circumvented in the gospel sphere, as he has shown impressive potentials through putting up great works for gospel enthusiasts to listen to, the fecund and copious dude began his musical career professionally in 2014,and since then has been keeping his game up and tight.

We walked up to him in an area in the City of Lagos, where he had a fantastic performance in a popular church filled with over 20,000 people. He was accompanied by his manager Wale Adedigba who brought to his notice that (NFC) was around.

In this distinctive interview, promise said that his parents never supported his career, they never wanted him to go into singing business because of the wrong impression they had on musicians, speculating that singing is meant for wayward and irresponsible persons,”I refused to heed their advice because I knew what I wanted for myself ,I remember during my primary school days, I joined the debating society, abruptly delved and mingled with the cultural group, because of the rare passion I have for music, in that group I learnt how to play drums, before I ventured into learning other instruments.

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Right now I play drums and keyboard very well. There was a time I lost my job and started walking up and down searching for Jobs, suddenly I heard the voice of the holy spirit ministering to me that I have something great inside of me which needed to be exhibited, and I was wondering looking for jobs all around”.

The fast-rising star who of recent released a song and a video titled One Nigeria, really enjoyed a lot of airplay all over Nigeria and has gotten seven tracks to his credit and still working on more, he looks up to gospel legend Don Moen as his role model, also Nigerian Multiple award-winning superstar, Frank Edward, stating that, he would be meeting the Loveworld star for a collaboration very soon.

He said ” There is a song Frank does not sing,”OGENE DOH” this is a song of all time which I so much cherish, but Frank does not perform this particular song at most events, he only performs the ones that gave him breakthrough in the industry”.

He said”One thing about Christ Embassy is that the Minister of God there is so keen about music, in fact, he cannot do without music, he knows the value of music that is why he gave his choristers a solid support and platform to explore, he did not allow them to just sing in church alone, but also exposes them to showcase their talents to the world and make a good living for themselves.

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These are the qualities some of the churches in Nigeria lack, they believe in already made artistes, they bring them in, to perform, forgetting that they have peculiar singers that are well endowed with musical talents that could shake the world and transform lives meaningfully.

These are some of the things Pastor Chris does that distinguishes him from his contemporaries in the religious domain. I learned that this indisputable attribute prompted these guys in his churches to come together and said “this man is due to have a private Jet, common! let us get him a private Jet, which they eventually did.

Why would they not do it, the man has sowed enormously and he has the ultimate right to reap from his labours. This is the secret behind pastor Chris getting a private Jet, he did not just woke up one day and bought himself the Jet, human investment is very vital in every institution and this is the example Pastor Chris had shown.

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When you search for the op10 list of gospel musicians in Nigeria, you must find at least three of Christ Embassy products. So what are we saying, I believe these are some of the ways in which we can reduce poverty and empower the youths in our society, we should not rely on government alone to do all for us, there are more services churches can also render to reduce poverty and empower poor Members in their ministries ,not considering the spiritual aspect alone. If not for Pastor Chris, somebody like Frank Edward might still be hawking on the streets of Enugu today.

I pray some of our religious leaders would emulate this kind of trait one day. He further stated that his latest single Tamuna has been very wonderful and it is doing massively well and enjoying a wide aairplay its acceptance by people is very encouraging.P promise promises to release the video soonest.

Using this medium to appreciate Prophet Peter Adeola Adebisi of Christ Miracle Church Mission for his immense support towards his career.