While some people are working frantically to sanitize the fast-rising entertainment industry off all sort of dirty menaces, J Martins, one of the top artistes in Nigeria, we recently scooped, has dented the good image of Nigerians abroad rendering the good people, good nation’s work of the Communication Minister, Dr. Dora Akunyili useless.

In Canada not too long ago, the Onitsha, Anambra state born artiste, J Martins was said to have highly disappointed his fans with poor performance and while he’s yet to clear the air on his dented image in Canada, information is reaching us now that J Martins has involved in another dubious character which has now turned to chaos between his promoter, an Amsterdam artiste popularly called Juju, the sponsors and lot of people who thronged to the hall to watch J Martins Live in Belgium.

J Martins, the Oyoyo crooner, a few weeks before now, information gathered by www.Nigeriafilms.com in the city of Belgium reveals that he was chauffer-driven by his promoter in and out of the city in preparation for his show in Belgium. While he got to Belgium, on the eventful day, J Martins, we were told, complained that he wasn’t too comfortable with the hotel they got for him that was around 11pm. While fans were all expecting J Martins to perform his songs, he allegedly said to have vehemently declined to stay in that hotel before the organizer could get another hotel for him, it was already 3am

This insolent act, information reveals, infuriated the promoters and they called the person dealing directly to him to settle whatever the problem they were having with him, the person, we were told, said every commitment had been met. After sometime, that was around 3am, J martins walked aimlessly out of the hotel to storm the venue for the show but unknowingly some aggressive fans had already laid siege so while he was trying to enter into the car, they started throwing him stones, plastic water bottles etc and before he got attacked, he was whiskered away, we learnt.

In a an effort to pacify the aggressive fans who have already bought their tickets for the musical concert, the show was rescheduled to hold in Amsterdam today and J Martins was even said to have promised to make it up only for him to have woefully disappointed them claiming that he missed his flight in Lagos whereas, information has reached them in Amsterdam that, J Martins is actually playing a double-shuffle games as he’s said to be currently performing in Nigeria as you are reading this today.

In a telephone conversation with one of the people who have thrown their weight behind the Belgium event, a top restaurant owner called Obalade Delicious whose exclusive but very exotic place is at Amsterdam ZO Biljmer, he said he was so disappointed in J Martins because “he actually thinks the Belgium fans he disappointed the last time will storm the Amsterdam show today and deal with him, meanwhile, that would have been an avenue of settling the scores with them because we would have intervened in their matter and amicably settle the whole saga.

Same thing he did in Belgium has repeated itself today and Right now, the tension is so high; we don’t even know how to control the anger and aggressions of these people any longer. He needs to apologise to these fans that have already purchased their tickets to watch a Naija artiste live.

The most painful aspect of the whole scenario is that, it’s not only Naija residing in these places that bought the tickets, Australians, Jamaicans, people from all walks of life have all thronged in to enjoy the show not knowing that he would disappoint them. It’s really sad, because this act of him may affect any future concert to be organized by a Nigerian again.”

Watch J Martins promoter’s vedio: An Amsterdam artiste popularly called Juju