Sequel to a certain publication published by one of the nation’s newspapers alleging the ageless mother of the queen of beauty, Oge Okoye-Duru of been asked to evacuate a particular home in Idimu, an outskirt of Lagos, by her landlord.

Miffed by this report, went in search of this sultry actress and she said she didn’t even know where Idimu is in this part of Lagos let alone staying there with her mum as alleged by that publication.

“My mum has never stayed in Idimu; I can tell you that my mum is in Spain as I am talking to you right now as one of the biggest women who float a cyber cafes called Lokotorio at La Pama. So, saying my mum was ejected from one Idimu home is ridiculous and malicious.” She said.

On why the reporter wrote such an image damaging story, the Nollywood diva said she was not surprised by some nasty reports carried out by some malicious reporters.

“I am not moved at all with this, I am used to it but I know that one day, nemesis will catch up with those people who think of doing nothing good to better their life but to write unfounded reports about me. I am sure my mum will be shocked to read this story she told, she has always been in Spain where she does her business so saying a certain landlord ejected her from a rented apartment is nothing but malicious report.” She said