March 26th 2010, will forever go down in the book of entertainment record in Berlin, (Germany).

It’s a night Nigeria Hip Hop star Olu Maintain aka Yahoozee lifted the name of Nigeria music world above any other entertainment industry within Africans in the Diaspora in Berlin. It was a night the grade A show promoter, the Don King of Africa entertainment and the awards winner Cultural Ambassador stamped his name yet, in another golden book of record. On this night, both the Germans and other African countries dressed in a colourful designed Nigeria flag T-shirts with pride. The night was staffed of surprises. Olu Maintain aka Yahoozee proved his critics wrong that he’s out of form, broke and out of market.

The guy who called off his second Europe tour because of his lucrative Nigeria Easter shows breezed into Berlin same day of the show 26th March due to his cordial relationship with his Europe based promoter Isaac Izoya, to honour his call. Within a minute, his presence spread across Germany and it was all roads to Berlin with his fans across four corners of Germany.

The state of uncertainty was high coupled with the news of cancellations of his Europe tour due to Nigeria shows. Will he turn up for just one show was the questions in every lip? It was indeed an immense challenge. His arrival was celebrated with the Ehizoya slogan; “The Show Must Go On!” at the airport before heading to his hotel, the critics and the doubting Thomas were put to shame.

When he finally mounted the stage dressed like Muslim, most people were wondering what hip hop gets to do with Muslim garment but when he held the microphone for action and pulled off his garment left with jeans and Nigeria Flag designed T-Shirt, the thunderous applause and screaming by his fans charged him up like electrical battery and his performance caused quite a hysterias.

His fans rushed him with not less than 50 bottles of Hennessy (Whisky), Moet (champagne), and chardonnay (Wine). All the drinks were emptied on his head one after another in appreciation of his video track titled; “Yahoozee” where he displayed the power of Hennessy and Moet & chardonnay.

“This is one funny thing about Nigerians, they like displaying wealth wherever they are. Just imagine how they’re wasting such expensive drinks just like ordinary water” Remarked a Cameroonian girl.

The show graded the best show till date by Ehizoya fans, has successfully proved the supremacy of Nigeria hip hop show than Nollywood stars or comedians shows in Europe. Surprise D.J has since went shopping for Nigeria Hip Hop CDs because, Surprise Club has never witness a show like that since its existence.

Commenting on the show before jetting out for Lagos, Olu Maintain said “ Berlin show is my best show in Europe so far. There is nothing to compare to it. My fans made me feel at home and I thank God that I kept to my word and came for the show. I have no regret at all and I appreciate the gifts from my fans and their love. I promise to dedicate one track to Berlin to keep the memory alive”

For the show promoter, Mr. Isaac Izoya, he described the night after thanking God almighty for his wisdom as “a mission accomplished and The Show Must Go On!” he concluded.

By Linda Isaac/