Nigerian on air personality Agatha Amata who was formerly married to Fred Amata is working on a new movie project she titles “disguise”.

According to her the movie is set to expose what a man thinks a lady wants and to also expose what a lady really needs from a man.

The producer disclosed that women when together always try saying the truth amongst them while when men are together they are always very open about things, and as such the only way to get to know what these two parties thing it’s to inject someone opposite but in disguise.

Due to this reason, Ik Ogbonna was deployed to disguise as a lady and Nancy Isime disguised as a man to get information.

When Agatha was asked on what she thinks will stand out in her movies she said;

“First of all, I don’t do movies for doing sake. It has to have a message. You can just imagine IK Ogbonna in a woman’s body and Nancy in a man’s body. It is funny, but it does not remove the message. This is not my first movie. I have done ‘The Addict’, and ‘The Widow’. They have all been issue-based because that is the kind of producer I am. There are certain things that I have experienced and heard and I’m like won’t it be nice for people to have a share? I like to deal with issues, and this particular one was done in a very light-hearted way.”

Agatha was the host of the famous TV show inside out and she anchored the show for more than 20 years. She is the owner of RaveTV and Trend FM in Asaba, Delta State.