After so many years, it’s no more news that 9ice and Ruggedman has buried the hatchet and end the long time beef between them.

If you may recall, the beef began after it was rumored that RuggedMan had an affair with 9ice’s then wife, Toni Payne and that also crumbled the marriage of the duo  which yielded a son.

When the bad blood between both talented artiste was settled, many were happy for them, but no one saw a collaboration coming anytime soon.

Sooner than expected, the duo gave Nigerians a surprise by collaborating on a new song which they titled ‘Religion’

The song is said to be more about the contribution of the duo in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Speaking on why they decided to bury the hatchet, Ruggedman wrote in a post, saying what they both did for the Music industry worth’s more the beef they had.

In his words: “What 9ice and I did for the industry is huge and more important than any alleged beef. That’s why I decided to make the new song about our positive contribution to our industry and not about beef. I decided not to add anything about the past in the new song “Religion” because that’s one negative, misinterpreted aspect of our lives I want buried with the past.”