When counting actresses that prostitutes, Iyabo Ojo is hardly counted even though many do wonder about the source of her wealth.

However, her nice personalities have often done the magic for her as it shifts people’s attention from digging into her affairs.

It appears luck just ran against her as she is currently frolicking in a messy scandal which not goes away any time soon.

The actress has been accused of using charms on a man of God, David Ibiyiome, pastor of Salvation Ministries whom she is said to be currently having an affair with.

According to the church member of the ministry, Ebiye Patience who blew the whistle, the actress had a messy fight with Vivian Metchie over him.

Report has it also that pastor David who has been spending the church resources on the actress, is current erecting a building for the actress.

The witness claims she had achieved this fit with help of African magic called juju and her friend, Dayo Amusa allegedly patronizes charms for same purpose. (Caging of men)

In her words: “Our pastor David Ibiyiome is shamelessly frolicking with Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo. All these prostitutes in the name of actresses. We learnt that he has been spending the church’s money on this girl and some other Nollywood actresses. She has used juju on our pastor. The range rover 2008 model she uses now used to be in our pastor garage before he dashed her. This story was almost out last year but she paid off the press with cash and her body. She is a grade one harlot who picks little boys on the street to sleep with. Our pastor is gradually destroying Gods name as he is now a sugar daddy to iyabo ojo.  She and  Dayo Amusa visits all herbalists everywhere. Our pastor is even building a house for this girl as I speak. Pastor has a hidden house in PH that’s where he houses Iyabo anytime he wants to see her. She is also dating  series of men. Hustling between them all so that she can form big lifestyle with money gotten from them all. There is no herbalist that doesn’t know her.”