New details have emerged on how the lackadaisical attitude of members of staff at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, caused the untimely death of Juju artiste, Dayo Kujore.

The Street Journal had reported how the Nigeria entertainment industry was thrown into mourning a few weeks ago when the untimely death of foremost Juju artiste, Dayo Kujore was announced.

He was reported to have died while receiving treatment at LASUTH and he was buried on January 28, 2022 in his hometown, Igbore Robiyan, Ogun State.

However, new information has since come to light about how the veteran artiste would have still been alive were it not for the negligence of the staff of LASUTH who shunned the ethics of their profession and abandoned the singer to his fate. They allegedly left him unattended to for hours until his health deteriorated to a point of no return.

Sources close to the late singer reveal how Kujore had played at some events days before his unfortunate demise.

He got married to his new wife, Chief Mrs Christiana Kemi on December 16, 2021 and the two were planning to go for their honeymoon in Akure after the Christmas celebration. He however sent his wife ahead of him to Akure and promised to join her after his show which was slated for December 28, 2021. Unfortunately, the singer couldn’t live to spend his honeymoon.

After returning home from one of his shows, he fell and developed stroke. Unaware of what had befallen her husband, Kemi kept calling his phone until she received the sad news from his daughter, Ayinke Kujore who informed her of her dad’s predicament. He was first rushed to a private hospital in Ota, Ogun State where the wife deposited the sum of N300,000. Some tests were conducted and he was given first aid treatment but they were advised to move him to another hospital.

After much deliberation, the family decided to take him to LASUTH which turned out to be their worst nightmare as the family eventually lost the music act at the hospital. When they got to the hospital, there was no bed space to admit him, they had to wait for several hours in the car. Most of the doctors and nurses approached for assistance told the family that they were not on duty.

His family had to be running around the hospital ward almost the whole day before they eventually got medical attention. They got to the hospital in the morning but were attended to around 12 midnight. His wife had to call one of her brothers who was a former staff of LASUTH for intervention. The man succeeded in getting a doctor who attended to Kujore after several hours of waiting. Her brother was also able to facilitate the test process conducted on Kujore and they got their test result the following day.

Even after the test result came out, the first doctor that attended to them left without informing his colleagues, and the process of conducting another test began all over again, before they commenced treatment on the music act.

The wife had to beg and reveal the identity of the late musician before he was attended to. She showed clips of his performance at various functions before he had the attack. A nurse they had earlier approached but denied being on duty was the one who later attended to them. She collected the test result for observation but by then, Dayo Kujore’s health had further deteriorated, he couldn’t breathe well and was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU where they were told to deposit almost a million naira.

The family made part payment and he was eventually admitted. Even before he was admitted to the ICU, his wife’s brother who had been facilitating Kujore’s medical attention had to rush down from Lekki. He was able to speed up the process but it was too late as the talented music act gave up the ghost on Monday, January 10, 2021.

Before his untimely death, one of his plans was to relocate abroad. The late singer had planned to move to the United State to join his newly wedded wife, Kemi who was already based there. His wife was to begin the process for her husband’s relocation after she must have returned to her base once they were back from their honeymoon. The singer had promised his children that he would come home often to check on them and also to attend his shows in Nigeria.