Ghanian actor van vicker should be told about this incident at once!.

His supposed id on facebook has been milking ladies of their hard earned dollars.this is the email his supposed id sent to one miss Bena Lela who lives in ‘vans’ email to her…

”hello how are you and your family hope the lord God is with you and your family well i write to you and all my fans to let you know that i just opened a foundation a charity organisation and am intending going around the world,africa especially ,well am starting from here in nigeria and me and my founders are asking for public support and fund rasing even the governor of lagos state here has helped us with the sum of a million naira and am asking you all to help save this childrens life. we deal with hiv/aids,and other disease poverty striken people and all that and all that…we are asking for any kind of help be it money nor material things you wish to help to save this people.thank you very much

president:Mr van vicker

sec:aloye number:002347085282452”.

this fake van vicker reportedly duped this lady of thousands of dollars and now she has seen the light and has been posting lots of stinkers on the facebook wall of this id.

please if you know van vicker, warn him that he has an unwanted “evil twin” on facebook. please if you are a celebrity,irrespective of whether you are on facebook or not,please check in if your name is already registered there and then send out an alert!…those who are star-struck should be warned otherwise they will keep falling for the tricks of fraudsters..enuff said!