Facebook says it will hire another 3,000 people to review videos of crime and suicides following murders shown live.That’s on top of the 4,500 people Facebook already has for such reviews.

The announcement comes from CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a blog post Wednesday.

According to him, “Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later. it’s heartbreaking, and I’ve been reflected on how we can do better for our community”

He also added that, “Over the next year, we’ll be adding 3,000 people to our community operations team around the world — on top of the 4,500 we have today to review the millions of reports we get every week, and improve the process for doing it quickly”.

Facebook has been criticized recently for not doing enough to prevent videos — such as a murder in Cleveland, a killing of a baby in Thailand — from spreading on its service.

Videos and posts that glorify violence are against Facebook’s terms of service. But in most cases, users have to report them to the company for them to be reviewed and possibly removed.

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