The Nigerian movie industry has been rated the third in the world, (following America’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood) thanks to individual talents and efforts of some actors. Without mincing words, most of these actors are great talents who ruled the industry for years.

But as the industry continues to grow, their relevance seem to be fading by the day. Nollywood Reel writes about the Nigerian movie stars, who, for one reason or the other, are no longer prominent in the make-believe business.

*Liz Benson: a role model for many upcoming and aspiring actresses, Liz Benson can simply be described as the ‘Face of Home Videos’, considering the rate at which she appears on movie jackets and posters, particularly in the 90s.

But her sudden disappearance from the screen has been of great concern to her fans. The widow, who has lost count of the movies she had featured, acted in flicks like Diamond Ring, True Confession, Most Wanted etc.

*Ronnie Dikko: Ronnie is actually one of the pioneer actresses in the make-believe industry. Unknown to many, she has never featured in a movie, but her creativity in interpreting roles in soap operas and serials gave her the deserved fame.

However, Ronnie who was one of the A-list actresses in Nigeria is gradually fading out.

*Hanks Anuku: Hanks, as he is fondly called, was one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria, especially when it had to do with action films. His ability to conveniently act in Yoruba and English movies made him the first choice of movie producers. But at the moment, he is one of the fading stars.

*Lilian Bach: This mulatto actress is no doubt, one of the most versatile personalities in the industry. She is one of the fading stars, perhaps due to her constant business trips abroad.

*Yemi Ayebo: Otherwise known as Yemi My Lover, this fading actor wowed movie buffs in the 90s. But his inability to stand the test of time as regards originality and technical-know-how made Nigerians forget him in a hurry. He released another movie, Gbeleyi Fariga about three years ago, but it did not make a spectacular impact.

*Cossy Orjiakor: Naturally endowed actress, Cossy Orjiakor, got to stardom some years back following her seductive role in Abass Akande Obesere’s musical video.

However, since she decided to take a career in music, much has not been heard of her acting career.