Faithful wives endure a lot – Actress Sarah Martins

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has decried the rate at which faithful women suffer a lot in their marriages.

In an Instagram post, the actress noted that some men can sleep with 20 different women in a day, yet find it difficult to touch their wives.

Martins lamented that these men at a point in time wooed and won the hearts of their wives but later betrayed their love.

Questioning what changed, she urged couples to pause and rekindle their friendship, opining that when love fails, friendship comes in.

Martins further stated how some married women are currently addicted to self-toys because that’s what their husbands have subjected them to.

Directing her message to men, the actress informed them that their wives need their attention and care too and they should stop lying about being lonely in their marriage to their side chicks.

She advised them to touch their wives and remind them that they are still the men they fell in love with.

“Dear men, your wives need attention and care too, slow down with the popular DM lies ‘I’m lonely in my marriage’ na lie!
Oga na u dey ghost madam inside that house.

“Touch your wife today, remind her you’re still the man she fell in love with before another man begin chop your investment!”.