So many people can testify to this, they get into a relation with someone, sacrifice their time , energy and money and then later on realize that this wasn’t the right person for them for so many reason or another. So many people tend to get into a relationship without really analyzing or thinking about the potential outcome may be. They simply just give everyone or almost everyone they meet a chance hoping that will be the one. Big mistake!

It’s important before you even start to declare your love for someone that you really take a look at who they are. Take notice on how they react to certain situations. Look to see if they get angry easily. Find out if they ve ever cheated on anyone. Ask about them! Then this way you can prevent yourself to some extent from later realizing that you should have never even been with this person. Also don’t let lust lead you into thinking that you are in love and for you to act solely upon that. Let you heart and mind lead you to finding the person that you deserve to be with and deserve to be with you

Should you continue to date someone that cheated on you?

Eddy and maria were about to to celebrate their 4 years anniversary in a few months. Maria was ecstatic because she was certain that this would be her last year as a unmarried woman and that finally her boyfriend of four years would finally decide to pop the question. One night a few month before their anniversary, Eddy went out with his friends, got drunk and made some mistakes that could have altered the rest of his life. He found himself waking up, naked next to a girl that he had only met the night before at bar. It took him a few minutes to to collect his thoughts and realized that he had cheated on the love of his life and had reach reached a point of no return. Eddy went home ashamed of course and immediately faced the music by telling his girlfriend, Maria that he had cheated on her. Maria was outraged of counsel, at that very moment she felt like her entire universe had fallen apart.

Cheating, a very common disease that we find infiltrating relationships all around the world. This is something that we find infiltrating to crumble and never be rebuilt.

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