Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dike has been tongue lashed by fans for saying that her husband gave her STD.

Tonto took to her social media page to say that her husband has been a cheat, a deceiver who has not been faithful in their marriage.

After she disclosed some of the things she experienced in her failed marriage some fans really blasted her as they reminded her of when she was enjoying the mans money.

One of the fans identified as Jennycoco149 said ,” How many STDs. You did not get them before getting married to hum? Since you got all expensive gifts from MR X and did not care about the STDs then why care now .Marriage is not do or die, women/ladies wants to get married by force because of what people will say.Please madam X since you have decided to move out I will be good to keep everything secret as the relationship/marriage was also secret till the last moment… don’t forget that a broken home is not good for any child.