Bobrisky: For everyday that passes, Social Media drama increases. We really do not know why people are upset, we just know there is so much anger in the land that every day it comes to play.

Today on the drama news we have Bobrisky telling everyone who cares to listen that she is Shameless and I’ve got nothing to loose. Sighting Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham as someone she can do anything for, Bobrisky wrote;

Keep being u I love u die. Anyone that want to have issue with u should be ready to face me too. Some people don’t need a talk back sis, do u know y ? Because u are a star ⭐ u don’t have to stress yourself over any bloody fool who wanna be famous by force with ur name.

Such people u leave them with me let finish his/her life asap because I have nothing to loose.

At dis point of my life some people should have known I’m shameless and I don’t care ?‍♀️ wat anyone say about me. They think Dey can clap back I will teach them how to clap ? back. Lastly Dey will come and celebrate ? with us soon. I love u sis