Social Media Is gradually deviating from its normal purpose as many has gotten hurt through the use of this platform.

Our Celebrities now live their lives for social media, some flaunting fake lifestyles and parading their acquisitions on the platform.

In recent time, Social media has been linked to been a tool to why so many marriages has crashed beyond repair.

This has prompted fans begging some of their favorite celebrities that are married to keep their marriage off social media.

In a recent plea from a Fan to Renowned OAP, Stephanie Coker who recently wedded her heartthrob Olumide  Aderinokun on the 30th of December 2016 in a traditional way, she was advised to keep her affairs off social networks.

Read below:

 “Dear Stephanie, you are a beautiful, strong, very talented, sweet and hardworking girl in the Nigerian industry. I write to you this piece because I was really inspired to address to you this note. For the last few years (2016) we’ve watched so many marriages especially in the entertainment industry crash in the public eye and saw the protagonists tear themselves apart on social media. I love you (sisterly love) and deeply appreciate you as a female car you remind me of family (you always have a smile on your face). I know you will be tempted (just like others) to flaunt a bit of your relationship (which is normal) on your accounts instagram, snapchat etc…. but let’s be wise and careful with all of that as we all watched how it ended for others. Really I think this is the biggest challenge of our generation, we can show everything/anything to the world and let the world judge/give opinions about our relationships. So I plead with you to keep that special, beautiful, private relationship off social media to avoid any unnecessary drama. If any drama arises in your personal do not rush to social media to air your dirty laundry or delete anything from social media! There’s nothing that God can’t repair or fix, and also do remember that you do not owe anybody (ne neither) any explanations. Rush to elders who will give you advice as the bible advices. This comes from a very positive vibe !! You are blessed and highly favored! I send to you love and light !!! May the grace of the Almighty God be upon you now and always.” (sic)