Nigerian fashion designer, who is also the younger brother of comedian AY, Yomi Casual, is currently being lashed out at by angry fans for an opinion he shared on social media.

Yomi shared a picture of one of his new stuffs and captioned it; ‘It’s totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap clothes; my opinion.’

But his opinion did not go down well with most of his followers on Instagram and they didn’t mince words to bare their minds.

‘This Yomi casual talks like an illiterate sometimes, because you are privileged to have some changes you begin to act like an a*shole,’ an angry follower wrote.

Then another added, ‘Very wrong statement. I wear expensive clothes and sometimes I look better in some of my cheap clothes, it’s not how expensive it is but how well it fits you. Very funny how fame makes people think the opposite way and some of you still think it’s true. Oh well, I never learned about fashion, I was born into it, so I know what it takes to be stylish even without draining your bank account. I’m financial fit but I totally disagree to what you just put up. It pisses me off. How do you want your fans who are poor to feel? Bad words can damage a lot, you are doing a nice job and no beef bro, I am just saying.’

More comments of anger flowed in; ‘Yomi Casual, what you consider expensive might be rags to some people. So you might not look as well dressed as you think you are?’

‘Meaning the poor cannot be ‘well dressed’. ‘Not very well rehearsed statement sir with all due respect’, wrote another fan.

Meanwhile, Yomi did not reply to any of the comments directed at him, but continued to post more photos on Instagram.