It is no news that information running around concerning a s** video on the internet in which many people are accusing a popular actress in Ghana of being the person in the video. Though this is not the first time people are making such a wild allegation, this one seems to be taking a different turn altogether.

What is really making this issue disturbing is the fact that fans of the supposed actress have taken the issue very personal to the extent that they are exchanging words and debating on the real identity on face book and on other Ghanaian websites.

Again, there said video has an inscription under the screen depicting a clear such website. We logged on to the site and it was true that all ladies there were blondes (brown hair) with black men doing their thing with them.

It is on this note that we bring this piece to the public to be sure of whatever information they get before coming out with them since it can be image damaging and traumatic. Let`s protect our stars and promote them in what they are doing, when a bad thing is done and it is clear, then we will have a case on our hand.

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