Nigerian singer Douglas Jack Agu popularly known as Run town has come under fire by some fans after visiting one of the Orphanages in Hillbrow, Johannesburg South Africa.

Some of his fans who did not support his visit asked if he has ever visited any of the Orphanages in Nigeria because charity begins at home. They believe that he should have done such visit in Nigeria where we have a lot of Orphanages that will be glad to receive a personality like him.

” Charity they say begins at home, we have more population, more orphanages, more children who are not privileged to have one square meal a day and you think the best way to show love to kids is by travelling to a country that murders Nigerians in cold blood daily… But come back to make your hits and money here. Well-done sir, I salute your stupidity” tee Dagash, one of his fans said.

Another fan identified as “immarvis” said, “How many orphanages has he helped in Nigeria mtcheew shey nah dose pple dey buy ur music?

Meanwhile, the girls who seem to be anticipating his coming were filled with so much excitement when they sighted his presence as some of them ran to embrace him.

He alongside his PR Chief Matthew Mensah & Manager Ifeanyi Nwune visited the Orphanage.Home Affairs is a Female Orphanage where girls who were victims of child trafficking in Africa are rehabilitated.