Female ‘baddies’ trend on social media is destructive – Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele condemned the latest trend among females on social media.

The actress said the ‘baddies’ trend which is gaining ground among Nigerian girl-child is worrisome and may lead to destruction for them.

Akindele lamented that these set of ladies mostly don’t have nothing more than flaunting their bodies and luxurious lifestyles on social media.

The award-winning filmmaker also charged content creators to use their content to pass positive messages to their audiences, which are mostly young people.

“I enjoy watching beautiful content, but you have to watch what you churn out. You need to focus on your brand, what you’re selling, what you want people to learn from you,” Akindele said.

“If you’re an actor, a self-made person, what are you churning out? You must influence lives positively with the content you churn out. And for you that are watching content, are you watching to be entertained, to learn? ‘A’ is carrying designer bag and showing you on video, how sure are you that’s she’s not borrowing the bag? How sure are you she’s rich? Don’t believe everything on social media.

“I’m so worried about these so-called baddies. A baddie without showcasing what you have upstairs? We need to know what you are doing, what positive content you are doing that people would be proud of. Give us that on the table. Yes, it’s good to showcase fashion. But what do you have upstairs to show us? Are you just a baddie for mouth? Even is you are a dancer, what else do you have?”