It is really incredible to know how some ladies love to change their skin colour. A Nollywood actor, Mike Godson shared how a lady called his mobile phone requesting that he recommend to her the bleaching cream that he uses.

He narrated the whole event by saying that someone called him one fateful day when he was sleeping. As he picked the call, it was the voice of a woman who claim to be his loyal fan

” I picked the call behold it was a woman who said she was a fan but wanted to know what bleaching body Cream I use. For 20seconds I was mute just to make sure I heard her clearly. And bcoz I was very upset with the question.

“ I began to think of a way to make her look stupid and regret ever calling my phone!! so I replied and said, ok madam you want to be yellow like me abi?? She said “YES” then I said ok!! Buy original Mobil engine oil, red oil, motor battery water, alligator peper, fresh peper then mix all these ingredients with bitter cola and salt. Then call me later to tell me how yellow you have become,” he wrote