Could this be love or obsession? i have been asking myself this question over and over again this a video recently surfaced online which has really gone viral.

A young lady took to social media crying bitterly while begging Nigerians to help her tell popular Rapper Yung6ix that she loves him so much.

Although many lashed out at her calling the lady all sort of names, but one can’t stop imagining what was actually going through her head when she decided to embarrass herself in this form.

Before she came public, it’s certain that she would have been sliding into the DM of the rapper professing her love for him and been turned down must have prompted her going public.

According to the lady, she claims to be madly in love with Yung6ix and would be the happiest lady on earth if he could hearken to her and stay by her side.

But don’t you think she is just looking for cheap publicity? yes she cried but then i couldn’t see any drop of tears from her eyes, which only means she was faking it all along.

Nigerian ladies wouldn’t stop amazing me though (sign)