Ace cinematographer Akin Alabi is set to give back to the society by holding a training session to help aspiring film makers get a better understanding of the act of creating images for cinema.

According to the multi-talented film maker the move is his own  efforts “to try and reach out to my own community which is the film making industry. I have observed that a lot of youths wants to come into this business but they do not know how, and a great majority that are already in are doing it the wrong way, hence our desire to try and come up with this training session again to try and educate and empower young people for just a token..” can you become a film maker in few days? ‘not at all, but this session will lead you to great possibilities as a beginner and we have room to developing you later if you are really interested. Then for those already in the business it will open their eyes to a lot of other things” Akin affirmed.

The program holds between 3 and 7 of April, 2017 at 133 Allen Avenue besides Tantalizers Ikeja