Film piracy is damaging Nigeria’s movie industry – Femi Adebayo

Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo, has condemned the activities of those involved in film piracy in Nigeria.

In a post he made on Tuesday via his Instagram page, the thespian narrated how he recently defeated a radio station that pirated one of his movies.

He expressed worry over increasing cases of film piracy in the country,

He blamed film pirates for the decline in good movies in the country, stressing that people no longer see the need to invest heavily in movies, knowing that they won’t maximise their capital.

Adebayo wrote, “The Nigerian film industry has experienced exponential growth over the years, but we haven’t been able to maximise the true dividends of this business because of dare devil pirates who benefit where they didn’t sow.

“This is a major reason why investors find it hard to commit their funds to filmmakers. However, through persistence and the use of the legal framework covering intellectual property, we can bring their activities to a gradual halt.

“Several times, I have been a victim of movie pirates and I never spared them. I recently concluded a legal battle with a notable media company that owns a big radio station and also engages in YouTube content distribution.

“During the cinema run of “Survival of Jelili” in 2019, my movie was gathering good numbers at that time. They decided to use my movie poster and title to promote a movie on their platform, thereby deceiving fans and diverting revenue accrued to me.

“It took 3 years, but my trust in the legal and justice system remained unwavering. With the dedication of our legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, who are seasoned professionals with wealth of experience in handling such cases.

“They presented undeniable evidence, put up a strong argument, and took the case to trial. Their promptness, efficiency, and attention to detail played a huge part in the direction of the case. We won and were awarded a total of twenty-five five million Naira.

“This isn’t just my win as a filmmaker and content producer, but a win for all of Nollywood.”