Manager for late rapper Da Grin, Tunde sent a press statement calling for boycott of the Dagrin’s movie early last week. The movie titled Ghetto Creamz is put together by Stingomania Entertainment led by Mr. Ope Banwo.

Though the producers have been in touch with Da Grin’s family, the rapper’s label was in the dark until after the press release. Producer of the movie, Mr. Ope Banwo had a meeting at the late father’s attorney office and Tunde, Dagrin’s manager was in attendance.

“The only mistake they made was that they were contacting the family lawyer instead of informing us first” Tunde reportedly said. An undisclosed amount was given to the family at the meeting with a contract that says the family gets 20% of the proceeds from the movie while 10% will be the charity set up in the name of the Late rap artiste.