Filmmaker Laju Iren condemns domestic violence

Nigerian filmmaker Laju Iren has shared her quota on the cases of domestic violence in marriages.

While speaking on the topic ‘how to recover from domestic abuse,’ the mother of four and pastor at Celebration Church International outlined some rules to help prevent domestic abuse.

She said the first most important thing is for both partners to keep their hands to themselves.

“If someone can slap you once I believe they can slap you twice and if they slap you twice I believe they can hit your head on the wall, so what I always encourage is in a marriage, keep your hands to yourself because the person that they carried knife for, it started with a slap or a push so both of you must keep your hands to yourself, that’s the most important thing,” said Iren.

“If it is a physical thing from the very first time, get a second person involved, get intervention even if you’re not going to call the police, say you are going to call the police. Tell a parent, tell a counsellor, tell someone they respect. If you chop one slap today, tomorrow you will chop two, next tomorrow you chop one blow and the day after they will start bringing weapons,” she said further.

She also cautioned against instigating violence, urging women not to raise their hands against their partners first to avoid retaliation. “you slapped him first and you expect him not to retaliate? Like someone said the covenant of life is greater than the covenant of marriage. God hates divorce but he hates murder even more so if somebody is beating you black and blue and your parents ask you to go back home ensure that they follow you to the house and live with your abusive partner so if he’s throwing punches at you he’s also doing it to them.”