Indeed, it’s a sweet victory for Lola Alao as she has finally won the battle to be the legal guardian of her late friend, Aisha Abimbola’s children. The Canadian court some few hours ago, granted her custody of the kids Aisha left behind.

In a video shared on Instagram on Thursday, Lola and Aisha’s kids were visibly in a joyous mood. Taking them to school, Lola thanked everyone who supported her and advised couples to embrace their kids no matter the state of affairs in any sour marriage.

Late Aisha Abimbola’s estranged husband, Victor Ibrahim and his family made all attempts have the custody of their two kids (Keji and Lase) who Lola Alao had been taking care of since her friend died.

Recall Aisha Abimbola, who battled cancer before her death on Tuesday May 15, 2018, was laid to rest on May 17, 2018 in Canada.

Months after her death, the Canadian authority had invited family members via a letter directly addressed to the father of the kids who’s based in Nigeria.


Aisha Abimbola