The late thespian’s children—Mide, Mide Martins  and Damilare who were in the news in 2021 for neglecting each other, are now back as siblings. Not only that, Mide’s brother, Damilare, has gained admission into the Bells University.

At the ceremony, Mide Martins was seen hugging her brother and also playfully wearing his matriculation wig.

Also present were their uncle, Baba Deji and other relatives.

Recall that the now 20-year-old was the baby boy the late Funmi-Martins gave birth to before her death in 2002 at the age of 38 years.

The deceased was Sir Shina Peter’s mistress and the baby was said to be his.

In 2021, Damilare had confessed that his sister, Mide Martins abandoned him with his uncle, Baba Deji, who lives in Sango Ota, Ogun State.

Mide, an actress who is married to Afeez Owo, was accused of not accepting her younger brother, Damilare and not helping him with his schooling.

According to a blog, Gistslovers, Mide Martins, had neglected her role as a sister and even blocked her brother on WhatsApp in order to restrict any form of communication with him.

Surprisingly, Damilare also confessed that his father, Bishop Shina Peters, had not contacted him, life had been difficult and he had to drop out of school due to lack of funds.

Consequently, after the story broke out, fans on social media stormed the handles of Sir Shina Peters, Mide Martins and Afeez Owo to lambast them for not doing the needful.

However, the Afro juju star vowed to take care of Oluwadamilare, and said he would be responsible for Oluwadamilare’s upkeep and education.

But Peters did not address being Oluwadamilare’s father.

Addressing the press, Peters said, “I would like to thank all Nigerians in the Diaspora. I will be turning 64, so I should know the right thing to do. On the issue of Oluwadamilare, from the beginning, there were a lot of controversies, but as an elderly person, I don’t want to discuss that. I have put it behind me. My concern now is how we are going to take good care of Damilare.

“In the past, I had sent my driver to Abeokuta Ogun State several times but they did not allow my driver to see him. When Damilare’s guardian, Baba Deji, called me, I was not in the country. I told him I would call him when I got back. In the process of waiting for me, this story came out.”