“What can a Mrs. Fine’ possibly see in him? It must be the cash. And judging by her looks, he must have a lot cash to do it”.

This is probably the very first thought that went through most people who heard Omo Baba, that talented Nigerian comic, when he announced that he was getting married very soon, and to a very fine woman. However, we beg to disagree if you also belong to this class of thoughts.

True, having financial stability does help a man find a beautiful woman, but since this is not the most important aspect, Omo Baba, who we love to address as ‘Mr. Fine Boy’, has found his perfect mate. You may not know it, the comedian, unlike many of his colleagues, has the combination of several traits that helps a man find the woman of his dreams.

That is why his lucky would-bride, who he is yet to unveil, for security reasons, will not miss out on the opportunity to marry her dream man, as well. Jokes apart; Omo Baba is getting married soon.

He confirmed this not long ago in a media interview; “Well, I will be getting married soon and, please, don’t ask me about her. Allow her to rest. Anyway, she is a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful woman, that’s the much I’m willing to tell about her. But, very soon, I will be leaving bachelorhood. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Soon,

‘Fine Boy’ will introduce ‘Mrs Fine Boy’ to the world”! We can only say ‘congrats in advance, Omo Baba’!

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