Nigerian A-list Artiste, Flavor recently visited the church his career began and donated few musical instrument  as an appreciation and remembrance of his root.

 Though some might consider it irrelevant, but the artiste remembered where he was coming from and saw it necessary to do some thing unforgettable for them.

The church of God mission has branches practically all around Nigeria, that’s to know how big and established the mission is, but they received his gift with so much love and joy. He was welcomed like the lost prodigal son, who left for so long and finally returned home.

The singer was  happy, he was able to make a tangible contribution to his church, where his love and passion began.

In his words, “As you know the road to success is never ever easy, yet with faith, hope, determination and resilience, it is really possible to achieve your dream, goals and ambitions. It was a pleasure going to thanksgiving service at my church, Church of God mission in Enugu, where my love and passion for music grew.“