Flavour is really rocking his abs in the photo-shoot for his new album cover. The hunk of a man posed in only black pants for some shots and also looked dapper with some clothings on.

TY Bello, the brains behind the photo-shoot also captioned the shoot: ”FLAVOUR N’ABANIA : I really enjoyed making the cover photos for @2niteflavour album cover .

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The idea was simple .. the title was ‘ Ijele : The traveller’ .. I knew he wasn’t talking about a physical journey but the idea of taking his sound to a different spaces . The words that came to mind were transitions.. transcending .. movements .

I decided to not make this about clothes at all . His tattoos lend a whole lot to the narrative .. ‘music and me. .. ‘when you become one with the sound ..you start to travel with it .

His back tattoo .. Psalm 100..Vrs 1-5 .. one of my favorites .We experimented with movements and dragged the shutter sometimes .

He was pleased with the results and happy to experiment. We spent the second half of the shoot taking some ‘fineboy’ photos . He really is an amazing looking human being .. seriously o.. ha!Works really hard to look that way too. Me ?..I’m inspired .. I hit the gym this week … I’m not even kidding ..God help me