NEED a foundation that blends into your skin seamlessly? Then go for the brand that suits your skin type.

FOUNDATION, as the name suggests, is the make up that lays the base for all other make up to follow. It goes on after applying a concealer (used for correcting any colour irregularities) and before applying powder (which sets the makeup), to give the skin a smooth, even canvas on which to build.

Flawless overall coverage is usually the starting point for any make up look. To get a foundation that blends into your skin seamlessly, the first step is to choose a brand that suits your skin type.

Kindly follow this guide on how to choose the right foundation:

Oily skin- Anti-shine, water-based matt foundations are best for oily skin. Try oil-free and ultra-matte foundation that will help reduce shine and will last a long time. Pressed-powder foundations are also good. Avoid tinted moisturizers, some sheer foundations, liquid foundation, illuminating foundation, and cream to powder compacts.

Dry skin- Tinted creams and illuminators are great for dry skin, as are liquid foundations and oil-based foundations.
Avoid pressed-powder foundations, water-to-powder compacts and oil-free or liquid matte foundations.

Normal or Combination skin-If you have normal skin, choose the coverage that feels best. If you have combination skin concentrate on picking products that best suit whichever problem is worse — oiliness or dryness.

Teens – It is advisable that teenagers hold off on foundation to keep from aggravating any skin problems and to remain looking their age. Otherwise, they should opt for the light coverage foundations mentioned above.
Avoid wearing makeup if possible since it’s not really necessary. Less makeup means fewer clogged pores, and less pimples. If you want to wear makeup to cover blemishes, look for the kind that combines acne medicine in it.

Mature Skin – Foundation can help reduce the appearance of fine lines if applied correctly and if the right type is used. More mature skins, which may need more coverage, should try foundation creams from a pot, stick foundations or cake in a compact.
Too much makeup can actually make your skin look older rather than younger. Fine lines and wrinkles actually act as foundation traps so that the makeup gets caked up making the skin look unnatural. Therefore, choose light to medium coverage foundation that can float on skin and use a primer before applying colour.

Oil-based foundations help fill in wrinkles making your skin appear younger.

Medicated foundations are fine for spot-prone skin types while liquids in bottles and tubes suit most skin types and give light coverage. The all-in-one makeup, which includes base and powder, gives a good matt finish but can be a bit drying.

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