Daughter of Senator Ita-Giwa known as Koko, is set to be walked down in aisle by her sweetheart, Chimaobi Moore Obioho.

Obioha is the son of late Chief Shawcross Godwin Moore Obioha.

It was reported that Obioha had to wait for his heartthrob to finish her Masters degree programme in International Business from the Coventry University, England, before thinking of putting her into his house as wife.

The wedding will hold on September 20, 2014, and many are gearing up to grace the occasion, which is expected to attract top society bigwigs and politicians.

Recall that two years ago, the politician threw a lavish 21st birthday party for her daughter. Koko, according to information, has thriving hair extension and hair care business in Banana Island, Lagos called ‘Hair by Koko’.