The irrepressible Florida based Rennaissance group, organizers of Asaba Memorial Day have made the announcement.

The forensic experts and the head of the local organizing group, Dr. Veronika Dyke and Dora Chizea MD, told Vanguard that in view of the massive transformation and total changes which swept Asaba and its suffering people following the successful 2009 Asaba USF Tampa Conference, the Asaba Day will as from 2010 become an annual memorial for the remembrance of the thousands of the Asaba men and young men wasted on October 7, 1967.

The organizers noticed that a new film ”the Vengeance of the River mGoddesss” is right now about to be commissioned and an Asaba Princess and a notable actress Lady Stella Damascus [real father’s name is Ojukwu] will take the lead role Taken from the exploits of the Goddess of the River Niger,in the Blood On The Niger, the flim willdramatise the massacre and the immediate atone that came the way of the perpetrators of that genocide.

The same organizers believe that Tampa helped the victims who were dying in traumatic silence to open up and suddenly there are more testimonals which have been taken and the whole hidden whole story, elaborately documented.

Organizers disclosed that high flying professionala, doctors, attorneys and business men have indicated willingness to join and celebrate the unique ASABA DAY IN FLORIDA.

According to Lisa Obiaya, another young organizer, ” we are going to engage the whole of Florida.

Lisa who is the niece of the Royal Father, the Asagba of Asaba, disclosed that Orlando , Charllotte and Maimi relations and friends of the Asaba, and Anioma Nigerians have all been alerted.

In her own assertions, Dora Chizae, the Princess and the daughter of the Omo of Asaba, author of the book; They Killed Us Twice, stated that, this year’s celebration will achieve its purpose of raising funds for the Asaba monument.

She has since joined in the mobilization of her fellow medical hands all down the southern Florida region . Professor L. Okonkwo another principal of the Rennaissance group was emphatic that this time, the dreaded Igbo AGABA masquarade that appears only once a year will by all means, find its way to Tampa from its shrine in Orlando!

That appearance, according to the Professor, would be the climax of the evenning and only men above the age of forty would be allowed to lead the Spirit!!

Already, Asaba and Anioma leading politician, son of the first Midwestern Nigerian Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, is leading the Nigerian delegation and he is the 2010 keynote Speaker. Senator Nwajei who is arriving Tampa with his daughter from Massachussetts is entirely dedicating his presentation to the memory of his late father,Ogbueshi Nwajei.

The ace top civil servant was blungeoned to death as his name, the then Chief Justice, Chike Idigbe, the Azinge doctors brothers, Ofili, Allanah, and many hundreds of the Asaba cream and bake were in the specially prepared masterlist from Benin. This was the masterlist handed over to the then Commander, of the Second Division of the Nigerian Army, Col. Muritala Mohammed at Ogbeosowah.