Toni Iwobi, a newly elected Senator to the Italian Senate has hit back at Italian striker and fellow black man, Mario Balotelli.

The latter had slammed the politician, calling him a disgrace over some of the policies that Iwobi is set out to implement which Balotelli find repugnant.

According to Balotelli; “Maybe I’m blind or maybe they haven’t told him yet that he’s black — what a disgrace!”

The striker has never been afraid to air his views and has largely been seen as a controversial figure because of it.

Responding to Balotelli’s comments, Iwobi said; “I’d rather just ignore him.

“I’m not interested in what he writes. I have to deal with enough controversy. I just want to think about my territory and the new role I’ve been elected to.

“He’s a great footballer and he will remain one, but I hope he sticks to his job, considering that’s what he is good at.” Iwobi told Radio Capital.

Iwobi who was born in Nigeria, moved to Italy in the 1970s on a student visa, he then proceeded to marry an Italian wife and set up an IT firm in Italy before becoming a Senator.

His party, the Lega party is of the opinion that there are too many immigrants in Italy and they want to send out over half a million of these immigrants whom they say contribute to the rise of racism in the country.