Ghana/Nigeria top celebrity journalist Mustapha Ayinde Inusah, popularly known as Attractive has made it known to that, as far as the FOKN boys wants to use Nigerians as their stepping stone to be popular, Nigerians should not pay attention to them,

“Ignorance and illiteracy are obviously not synonymous; even illiterate masses can cast their ballots with intelligence, once they are informed,” cried the angry journalist.

“If this group should know what benefit the Ghanaian movie and music industry have gotten from the Nigerian music and movie industry, I am sure they will not be bold enough to sing this music.” He added “I will not blame them because not even one of them has spent most of their life in Ghana to know much about how far this industry has come” he said

“They said thank God they are not Nigerians, but Nigerians don’t even need them because if they were to be in Nigeria they would have been useless to the Nigerian society. Even here in Ghana where they claim they come from, they are one of the useless music groups this country has ever seen” he scornfully added

He lamented that even their name FOKN BOIS which in actual terms means fucking boys should tell you that they are indeed fucking and don’t know their left from right. “Just track their dating life and you will realize that one of them is dating a Nigerian” he lamented.

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THANK GOD WE ARE NOT A NIGERIANS | Ghana boys Diss Nigeria.

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