As the stocks of married entertainers continue to dwindle in the marriage market, veteran singer, Sound Sultan, has identified the major problem and proffered solution using the marriages of showbiz greats like singers, Tunde and Wunmi Obey, and television presenters of goge Africa fame, Nneka and Moses as perfect examples of good celebrity marriages that every married celebrity should borrow a leaf from.

 Sound Sultan, himself has been married and is enjoying a peaceful union with his wife, Chichi Morah, since 2009 says the secret of his successful marriage is first and foremost God who blessed him with a wife who does not like publicity that the singer says is the bane of most Nigerian celebrities.

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“No marriage is perfect just like you have feuds in families and they settle within themselves. It is the people that you are closest to that get you angry the most compared to people that you probably see once in a week because you don’t live with the person so you cannot truly know the person’s character.

If you have a family member that you think you do not see eye to eye, they are the ones that have your back. At the end of the day, you need to understand the concept of family before you make a decision or make a spectacle of whatever you have going on in your life.

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“Social media has been responsible for a lot of marriage and relationship break-ups. I have a song that speaks on this sort of thing. I am always online everyday just like every other person but the truth is that you do not know who is praying for you and those who do not want you to exist.

“My wife does not even like the limelight at all. If she is at an event with me, you would not even know she is my wife, you would just see her as one of the guests with the way she would blend with people. Without me taking all the glory, I think that has helped my marriage,” he said.

The singer advised both his friends, fans and family to stop trying to impress strangers because it could be a pitfall.

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“At the end of the day, it is the people that you are trying to impress that would bring you down because you are looking for validation from strangers. You do not need that; you just need to be yourself. They would still love you and your product eventually so you don’t have to show people you have money.

If my presence shows that, fine! There are many entertainers whose marriage is doing wonderfully well. If I see the Goge Africa couple, I am always wowed and same goes with Tunde and Wunmi Obe. They so much understand each other and they are like twins,” he said.©