Nigerian Nollywood iconic actress Foluke Daramola who started her acting career at a tender age of 13 and recently joined the league of 40 year olds in the entertainment industry is set to divert her energy into something else.

Daramola has declared that she will not be too involved in acting compared to how frequent she was with her job. She recently turned 40 and has declared that this will not be because of her age.

She has declared that with the society they would never have been Foluke Daramola and as such she wants to give back to the society for supporting and building along with her.

According to her, when her foundation will be clocking 4 years of existence, she will be giving out empowerment programs to about 50 individuals in celebration.

When asked by an interviewer if her age will influence the type of movie she will be featuring in; she said:

“The only way it will affect my movies is that I have chosen to spend more time on humanity than movies. I started acting at a very tender age, I started show business when I was 13; I started with talk show before I delved into acting. Along the line, I have been reading and the society has been giving to me. Without the society, there won’t be the Foluke Daramola we know now, so I believe it is time for me to start giving back to humanity. It won’t affect my movies. I think on a scale of 100; I will give 60 per cent to humanity and 40 per cent to acting. I am not going to stop acting or anything.” She said.

From the hint of giving back to the society, the interviewer then asked her if we should look out for you doing more of philanthropy? She answered saying;

“Yes, by God’s grace. It’s not like I am not going to be having a party, but the party I am going to be having will tilt towards giving 100 people skills acquisition. We are going to empower between 20 and 50 of them on that day. This is going to be in May because that is when my foundation will be four. I can’t have my birthday party in February and another in May. That is why I decided to combine both celebrations.”