Former Nigerian footballer, Ibezito Ogbonna has been hospitalised after a rocket fired from Gaza hit his home in Israel.

Reports revealed that Ibezito was at home with his family in the city of Ashdod on May 17, when his apartment was hit by one of the rockets fired by Hamas militants in the heat of the Israel-Gaza face-off.

Ibezito who sustained injuries from the explosion said;

“I am extremely lucky to be alive after this rocket was fired and it’s third time lucky for me after being involved in a car crash and a horrible robbery incident in Nigeria.”

“It is difficult to explain the impact of what I saw. Coming out of this was a miracle. We are talking about the same attack that has left several people badly wounded.”

“On this day I was having breakfast and I heard the wailing siren. Normally, we’d run to the shelter because every house has its own shelter. I felt it’s the normal warning, but within seconds it turned out to be an unlucky day for me.”

“I heard the loud bang of the rocket and felt the immediate impact, I was thrown into the air and it took me from my dining room to my living room.”