Husband man like me ,i have some questions that we have to answer truthfully today and right now !!!
When was the last time you prayed and played with your wife ?.

Do not forget that little things matters and, women love little things than the bigger gift that brought sorrows.

When was the last time you took her out for lunch or date ?,sure you have food at home but some little things matters and it lubricate marriage like nothing else.They notice things we men never cared for ,your wife can tell you how many times you said sorry since you married her,which none of us will ever care to remember .

In case you have not been doing so ,try and have at least Diner with your wife at same time in your home ,eating together is an elastic that never break marriage but bind it tight and right.

When was the last time you showed her love ,not when you made love last to her, but showed her love ?.

Children may have taking over the love of the family ,but your wife deserve and crave your love as well,just add her in your budget of love and give it to her without malice often and on.

Have you ever taking out time to consider her feelings ?.Yes ,she do have feelings but atimes bottled up,try and uncork the cover and let it flow.

If you wife is not happy ,you are not having a happy home .problems does not need money all the time to solve them ,talking about them atimes are such a better solution.Talk them over with your wife ,even if you cannot solve them ,give her attention and she will understand that you care .

if you cannot take care of your wife and children ,you are a big disappointment to manhood.