If she isn’t making music or showing off her dancing skills to her Insta followers, you can find Yemi Alade taking up her judging responsibility during the Voice Nigeria.

But today the Afropop singer tried something different as she dishes out beauty advice to her Instagram followers.

The singer, who just released her latest EP, Ogogoro, took to the social media platform to share her full beauty routine, plus her own guide to glowing skin. In the short video, Alade is barefaced with no makeup started her beauty regimen by cleansing, exfoliating, and toning. “Heeeyyyyyyyy, so a lot of people asked me for my beauty routine. This is what I do for my skin,” she explains while demonstrating with her hand.

Alade continued her tutorial by saying she always advises women to drink much water as well as eating fruits. “All those little things will help your skin,” she added after which she continued making circular motions with her creamy cleanser.

To ensure her 6 steps to glowing skin routine was followed accurately, the ‘Johnny’ singer went on to exfoliate, washed, and patted dry. She later moved on to the next step which is toning, followed by a one-minute dance break to her ‘Ogogoro’ music, which according to the singer will help her skin absorb the toner.

For the final steps, she applied a serum followed by an SPF moisturizer and you could literally see her skin glowing. “Great skin starts with visiting your dermatologist too?,” Alade advises in the caption.