It’s no more news that footballers do not use their actual age, as they tag their adopted age as ‘Football age’.

Sadly, a Nigerian striker, Victor Emenayo just got busted after he recently signed with Shahdagh Qusar FK with the age ‘23’.

His looks gave him away, which aroused suspicion and research soon commenced on him.

Upon research, it was discovered that victor who played for Uganda for so many years of his career before moving to Shahdagh qusar was using an Official age of 28 years.

The people of Azerbaijan has been mocking him ever since and the media of the country didn’t spare him either.

According them, they claim if the footballer could cut off 5 years just to sign with them, then he could be over 40 years as his looks also depicts that.

Report also has it that Victor looks older in appearance than the Coach of the team, Adil Mahmudov.

As it is right now, it’s unclear if he would be cut off from the team as the drama from the country’s press is yet to subside.