does some digging around to know why the lovers of Donald Trump are persistently behind him.  does some digging around to know why the lovers of Donald Trump are persistently behind him.  does some digging around to know why the lovers of Donald Trump are persistently behind him.

With the Chinese Monkey known as “King Of Prophets” predicting Trump’s victory, it’s only fair we give that thought some insights.  So why do the haters of Hilary Clinton remain unforgiving.

1. Your darling Hilary should be in jail and not running for the Presidency. All I hear when you call her name is FRAUD, FRAUD and FRAUD. She’s spectacular when it comes to breaking the laws of campaign funding. She’ll court dubious fellows just to raise as much cash as possible, regardless of the veracity of the source: 1992, dubious James Raidy. 1996, evil Johnny Chung. In 2000, fraudulent Peter Paul. She unleashes and oozes campaign spending fraud. She’s a record holder in the U.S. Go read about how this almost damaged the character of Stan Lee, the Spider man creator. She does her wrongs and pins someone to the damning consequences.

2. When they were in the White House. The list of atrocities they did is in simply unending. The ‘Travelgate’ that saw Hilary’s machinations completely damaging the awesome character of Billy Dale. A man who grew up as a poor miner’s son. Perhaps that was why he was pinned down for the damage. A case that was supposed to attack Hilary soon switched towards nailing an innocent worker in the White House who rose to those feet due to his unrelenting hard works. Go see the documentary about the Travelgate and see how the poor man was destroyed. You know how she almost turned the sexual assault of Monica Lewinsky against her (the victim). Snoop around or dig properly you will discover how “Hurricane Hilary” ripped through the White House and the causalities where good men and women. 

3. She has had a long history of attacking women using her personal investigator, Jack Palladino: Monica Lewinsky,  Kathleen Willey ( who said at the time Bill was President that Hilary didn’t file for divorce becos she was gonna need him to win the election in the near future)…

4. Read about her hostility records towards the military in her reign as first lady.

5. She is a good liar…just google “the lies of Hilary Clinton.

6. The Hilary Care I, II, and III have been a laughable disaster. Google that too.

7. As a Senator repping New York, what did she do?

8. She’s ‘’Robin Hood in reverse’’.  She’s always having proposals that rob the poor to pay the rich.

9. She and her husband during their reign pardoned convicted terrorists against the oppositions of the justice department. Why? To win the vote of 3.5 million Puetorican, Hispanic voters in the New York as she ran for the Senate. your social media marketing partner