Stephanie Otobo, alleged mistress of Apostle Suleman is currently pushing for the invitation of a forensic experts to certify the authenticity of the unclad pictures of the embattled cleric.

The Magistrate court in Lagos has summoned Pastor Johnson Suleman to personally testify in the case he instituted against Stephanie Otobo, the Canada-based singer who accused him of lying about a s*xual relationship he had with her, including providing his travel records covering the period in dispute.

Others invited by the court include the Inspector-General of Police, the Managing Director of MTN, and the Managing Director of United Bank for Africa.

The bombshell claims are contained in a press statement Ms. Otobo issued today in response to media reports earlier in the day that, having become born-again, she has forgiven Mr. Suleman.

Ms. Otobo said in the statement she had also read other reports quoting Mr. Suleman as saying that she cannot be “born again” until she proves the case against him, or apologizes.

In addition to the summonses, she stated that she is also urging the court to invite forensic experts to court to analyze all the nude pictures of Mr. Suleman’s genitals and the face-to-face chats between them of which she had taken screen shots “during our numerous lecherous Facetime chats.”

She stressed in reaction to today’s media reports, that she could not have promised to withdraw any court matter against the pastor in Nigeria as he was the one who got her arrested and charged to court in the first place and reportedly filed a N1billion Naira defamation suit against her.

Affirming that she is not running away from defending herself against his “frivolous and face-saving” cases in court, she said that on the contrary, the court last week granted her prayers and summoned the following person(s)/institutions to court to testify against the pastor

On the contrary, she said, the court last week summoned the following persons and institutions to testify in the case he instituted against her:

(a) Managing Director, MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, to produce and provide the call logs and text messages exchanged between mobile numbers 08160000616 (belonging to Johnson Suleman) and 07081454058 (belonging to me) between 2015 and 2017.

(b) Managing Director, United Bank of Africa, to produce Statement of Account No. 2031068488 belonging to Ms. Otobo Omojevwe Stephanie covering the period 2015 to date.

(c) The CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission, to produce Record of the identity of the person that registered sim card no. 08160000616 (belonging to Apostle Johnson Suleman).

(d) Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, to produce and provide the call logs and text messages exchanged between mobile numbers 07081454058 and 08160000616 between 2015 and 2017.

(e) Apostle Johnson Suleman, to produce and provide his International Passport detailing his international travels between 2015 till date, and his Black iPhone 4 which he used between 2015 and 2016.

(f) The Inspector-General of Police, to produce Samsung Phone, Note 7, which was forcefully seized (without a court order) from me at UBA, Anthony Branch on Friday, March 3, 2017.

“I am also moving the court to invite forensic experts to court to analyze all the nude pictures of his private part and our face-to-face chats of which I did screen shots during our numerous lecherous Facetime chats,” Ms. Otobo said.

“He has been telling barefaced lies that they are photoshopped. But I have since challenged him to produce the original pictures from which I “photoshopped” them, but he has been running from pillar to post. He will also explain what his pictures were doing in my private phone in the first place.”

Making available along with the statement copies of all the court orders signed by the Chief Magistrate, Ms. Otobo said she wanted to make clear she is pressing ahead with her defence in court, and looks forward to meeting Mr. Suleman in court now that he has been summoned to appear in person.

“I also wish to alert the public that in Suleman’s desperation, he has sorted out certain ladies in Canada (some familiar and some not known to me at all) and paid them huge sums of money to be maligning my person through videos. I can only wish these hungry girls “luck” and “success” in their newly-discovered business. I am not moved by all that. It will not save him. Let Suleman come to court to prove his case.”

She stressed that Mr. Suleman does not have the required spiritual orientation or divine calling to question her “born-again” status as he is not God, and she is not among his followers he has brought under his “fake” spell or charm.