Respect they say is reciprocal, which exactly what Former Miss Nollywood, Gwen Elohor is asking from her fans.

 When a lady is married, a certain level of respect is expected which is why the lady is spitting fire for the first time to all trespassers.

We all know some men can be promiscuous in nature, regardless the fact if their victim is married or not, they still give a chase.

However, she has issued a stern warning to all those sliding into her dm to send love messages to her and those asking her out to keep off.

And for those who doesn’t know she is married, she is also passing an important information that she is happily married and wouldn’t tolerant any misconduct from anyone.


In her words: “I want to use this medium to send a final WARNING to all those men on my contact list both married and single who come to my inbox to say rubbish… asking me out and also letting me know I am the most beautiful whatever they have ever seen, meanwhile, posting pictures and raining praises on their wives on their walls, while they will come to chat with another man’s wife secretly via inbox pretending they don’t know she is married when it is BOLDLY written on my profile. I am not calm and nice when it comes to things like this….BE WARNED!

More so, You have never clicked “like” or “comment” on one’s post but have the courage and boldness to come to my inbox pretending you never knew I am MARRIED, when you have been a contact here for donkey years, let me ask… Are you a ghost on facebook that you don’t see or know what is happening around me?

Also those of you who keep sending me messages such as ‘hi love’, hello sweetheart, ‘morning angel’, ‘hi beautiful’, ‘sweetest ‘ ‘hey baby’, ‘hello sexy’, ‘boo’, etc…and expect to get a response from me….you will remain there until thy kingdom come….don’t expect a reply from me until you learn how to address a MARRIED woman right!

Because this is a sincere warning, for now i won’t mention your names but i am cocksure you all know yourselves….back off! Else i will screen grab all your messages and post them for the general public to see.”