In the social scene of Lagos, one event that has been gathering momentum is the superlative event which the dude who runs things in the entertainment scenes on the Island called Franklin Okamigbo a.k.a. Frank papas.
The all-embracing show tagged I Got Swagger 2 is a collabo between the first ever black TV station in the UK, Ben TV and the internationally recognised DJ Amour of the Black Knights Entertainment, UK.

All road that leads to Akin Adesola come 09-01-09 will not only be filled with fun seekers who want to witness the epoch-making event. In the light of this, top artistes and artists in Naija too are also going to be part of this history.
Meanwhile, Frank Okamigbo and his formidable team of ?a?as Entertainment are already putting everything in place so as to make the event a huge success.

Miss the event and miss out. Are you still waiting? Get your dancing shoes on; the place is Club Papas, the mobile nightclub tucked inside K’s Place. Be there