Despite the pull-him-down syndrome to thwart the effort and good things this young dynamite has done to affect his generation and next, Franklyn Emenike Okamigbo popularly referred as Papas in the entertainment world in Nigeria and its environ, the profile of the Imo State but Lagos born dude is rising by the day as we learnt that Frank is working seriously on his Papas Foundation, an aegis of his Papas Entertainment company which runs a mobile nightclub on Akin Adesola, Victoria island Lagos known as Club ?a?as tucked inside the popular K’s Place.

Frank Okamigbo who is one of the celebrities who have made it a point of duty to channel a part of what they make on a monthly basis to cater for the physically challenged people in the society, we were informed, has an ace up his sleeve. You may wonder what other surprise this president of Nigeria Supermodel still need to spring up having come up with ?a?as Club, Papas Foundation to mention but a few.

Well, as you’re reading this, work is almost getting to the concluding end as the hardworking man about town is about to float a Papas TV. Not only that, his clothing line which I learnt will be one of the best in terms of quality in the country is about to be hatched too. What else can we say? The very liberal and articulate University of Lagos graduate, Frank is loved by all and respected by a variety of people due to his sense of humility and amiable mien.

Responding to a recent publication in one of the Lagos based gossip journals where the handsome dude allegedly said to be gay, he said “I will rather die than be gay. I am a good Christian who fears the Lord. Even in the book of Romans 1 verse 28-30, there God Himself condemns all forms of immorality. If you read this passage of the Holy book very well, you will know that woe unto those who engage themselves in this act of gay or homosexuality.”
Hmnm Pastor Frank has said it all, need we say more!
Keep it up guy and keep on flying.