French President Emmanuel Macron will visit the Afrika Shrine established by legendary singer Fela Anikulapo Kuti in Lagos on Tuesday for the annual Art X event.

We recalls that the Afrika Shrine in Ikeja replaced Fela Kuti’s original club burnt down in 1977.

Macron will be in Abuja for talks with President Muhammadu Buhari on security and terrorism, before heading to Lagos.

“The Shrine is a must-see place,” said Head of the TRACE media and entertainment group and organiser of the event Olivier Laouchez.

Laouchez added that Lagos is “Africa’s cultural capital” with the event scheduled to feature concerts,and fashion shows by leading African designers

“The idea is to show the richness and diversity of African cultures,” said Laouchez. “Europe does not know Africa or at least its cultural dimension.”

Also speaking, an employee of the Alliance Francaise Cultural Institute in Lagos Ibrahim Tcha-Tchere, said Macron’s visit is not out of place as “France has always had great cultural cooperation with Nigeria.

“It was the French who organised Fela’s first European tour in 1981. Then his sons Femi and Seun launched their international careers in France.”