Is it me or our stories getting recycled even more these days? I have watched movies all week looking for something to write about yet, I keep coming up with a lot of redundant words. Everything I want to say, I have already said.

I am wondering where all the writers are and why new writers will not be sought to infuse some freshness into the industry. It is not as though we lack fresh stories. we do not. So many things happen each day in peoples lives that have not necessarily been put into film language. The same old love, war, hate, comedy and all the repackaged nonsense must stop.

If there any writers available who have scripts, I am working on an avenue to have your scripts read and bought by some of our local filmmakers. Don’t expect too much money in the beginning, maybe no money at all, but as time goes on, the money will come.

If any of our readers are filmmakers looking for stories, please contact us at and we can help.

Joy is out